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About NeurOptimal™

Electrical brain art

Every experience in life, including all negative and traumatic experiences are stored in the brain. Whether or not you remember them consciously, the brain stashes all memories away in the subconscious forever. Everything we learn throughout life, we pick up on and adapt habits based off the events of daily life and the people in it. We build our character and personality around the influences we expose ourselves to the most.

When the brain has to decide, think, move, speak or react, electrical currents within the brain move throughout conscious and subconscious neural pathways. It's the collection of one's personal history and experience that comes to the conscious point of putting these motions into action - but with all traumas and negative experiences also effecting one's activity.

The point of working with NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback would be to help one let go of these negative traumas and subconscious habits that tend to hold them back. Like a type of defragmentation process, Neurofeedback helps the brain move around stored memory by organizing the unnecessary, and the useful information for optimal function.

Neurofeedback helps the brain let go of negative traits that have been embedded so one can proceed accordingly without having to filter through negative experiences and triggers before acting within a conscious moment - ultimately making one more present.

NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, live EEG (electroencephalogram) reading of the brain’s electrical activity that provides immediate feedback so it can teach the brain, and central nervous system how to self regulate on its own through a rewards system. As you do a session, you will listen to frequency tones and the music will stop or crackle when the brain begins to go down a negative neural pathway, which in turn brings the listening subconscious back to a healthier track. The reward system works by continuously playing the song when the brain is showing healthy activity.

The brain has the capacity to heal itself and naturally wants to be in balance - the NeurOptimal™ system simply assists in facilitating this process and we are here to offer it to you today!

NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback can potentially help to improve, but is not limited to the following:

Anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, PTSD, anger, brain fog, headaches, migraines, focus, irritability, sleep problems, brain injury, post concussion symptoms, alcoholism, chemo brain, tinnitus management, insomnia, drug addiction, concentration, eating disorders, motor abilities, cognitive function, pain, OCD, vision impairment, aging problems, mood swings, difficulty breathing, fatigue, confidence issues, stomach upsets, heart murmur, vertigo, stiffness, brittle hair and more.

Changes and improvements are all situational and happen according to what a specific person's brain needs. No two stories are exactly the same as every brain is different and needs help in its own way.

You may be asking yourself why I decided to start offering this service and the answer is simple; after having my own experience with NeurOptimal™ I instantly knew it was something everyone could benefit from. The way it has improved my life after only 10 sessions, I knew it was something I wanted to share with the world.

My ultimate why for doing this today is to do my part to help effectively alleviate all kinds of suffering in the best way I know how.


If you have any questions or would like to learn even more about our newest healing sessions, please email us directly at rubblejewelry@gmail.com




Are there any negative side effects?

No negative side effects have ever been reported from using the NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback system. This is because it's completely non-invasive and is only showing the brain a reflection of itself. Any improvements made are done by the brain and not the system.


Is Neurofeedback safe?

NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback is so safe that anyone of any age can benefit from using it. Even your pets can do sessions!


Is NeurOptimal™ FDA Approved?

Yes, it is approved as a general wellness product.


When will I notice lasting results?

Since everyone has a different experience with brain training, it's hard to estimate. Most people only start to really notice considerable changes after at least 6-8 sessions. We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions before expecting long-lasting improvements.


Why did you choose to start working with Neurofeedback? 

I initially did my own sessions at a local wellness centre since I was dealing with constant stress, anxiety, depression and moodiness. My sleep was also struggling and I knew I needed to try something to improve my circumstances. After doing 10 sessions and noticing a transformation within myself, I decided to invest in my own system to share the healing benefits with others.


What to expect to happen from doing NeurOptimal™ Sessions?

This is all situational to the individual since every brain is the different, so it's hard to give a definite answer, however typically I notice after each session clients seem much more relaxed and at ease. You can also expect to be uplifted and have a new sense of relief at the end of a session.

After at least 10 sessions, you may start to notice more improvements. For myself, I noticed I started having an easier time reading and writing. I also found I was sleeping better and removing negative habits from my day to day. I was also able to stay happy throughout the day and was no longer overwhelmed by little inconveniences. My confidence and drive have also increased and it's affecting my life and business in very positive ways.


Is it safe to do on medications? Will it counteract or make them ineffective?

NeurOptimal™ is completely non-invasive and will not counteract with any medications. NeurOptimal™ is safe in all situations.


What makes you qualified to work with Neurofeedback?

Since NeurOptimal works differently than other Neurofeedback systems, I do not require a license to use it. I am simply the navigator that sets you up so the system can work on its own. Anyone can be qualified to work with NeurOptimal™ because the system is the trainer - not me - and by working with this form of Neurofeedback, I do not diagnose or treat any conditions. This is simply a training system that teaches your brain to work optimally in the present moment on its own.



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*Please note that all above videos have been made by other companies. If you have any questions about NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback contact us at rubblejewelry@gmail.com or give us a call at 226-646-3309


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