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I recently began working with Rubble/Alysha as a NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback client, and it has been the best decision. I have already noticed many benefits and have made progress in areas of my life where I previously felt stuck. If you have been curious about neurofeedback, I highly recommend connecting with Alysha and giving it a try. Alysha is an incredible healer; working with her has been truly transformative.

Claudia Gracias

Stunning crystal jewelry with the most precise, perfected wire wrapping! Rubble pieces are always made with high quality materials that are even more breathtaking in person. With her unique selection of crystals, fossils, and more, it's my favourite place to shop!

Megan Winiecki

I have recently started Neurofeedback sessions and wow, I can’t believe how much it has changed my life. As some one who has struggled with anxiety I can honestly say I barely even experience it anymore. I feel so much calmer and clear headed. I would definitely recommend booking some neurofeedback sessions!! The space is also so calming and welcoming. I can’t recommend enough!!

Miranda Campbell

Absolutely unreal products! If I'm not using one of my crystals - I'm wearing one.

Katy Cournoyer

Recently, I have also decided to try out the Neurofeedback sessions that Rubble is offering. On both occasions, I went into each session feeling very overwhelmed and anxious. Within the first few minutes of each session I could feel myself calming down. By the end of each session I felt completely relaxed, refreshed and recharged. I cannot recommend these sessions enough for anyone who feels like they have trouble focusing, feel overwhelmed or have anxiety. It did wonders for me and I’m sure it will do wonders for others! I can’t wait for my next session!

Ammy Kirschke of Afterglow Beauty Studio

Alysha is VERY knowledgeable and her business ethic is phenomenal. I LOVE her pieces so much that every time she posts new content, I do a happy dance!

Rebecca-Lynn Butt-Gibson of Moon Mama Treasures

There aren't many days that go by where I'm not wearing one of my Rubble necklaces. They are very well made and you can tell Alysha has put her heart into her work. I love the energy and protection I get from the crystals, so to me it's not just jewelry. It makes my appearance and my being feel complete.

I love knowing I can get quality, beautiful stones from Rubble that add something extra to my life!

Heather of Bright & True

I can't say enough good things about Alysha and her jewelry. All her pieces are made with love and you can feel her beautiful energy in each one. Her jewelry is now the only jewelry I wear. I'm always getting compliments and they make a huge difference in the energy of my day.

Meghan Gilligan

If you are pursuing to purchase from Rubble - DO IT! I have a Citrine piece from this artist and every time I wear it, someone gives me a gift or is extra nice to me. It's also an incredible statement piece that's fun to play with. You won't regret it!

Emily Meek