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Do you do custom orders?

With the growing of my business, I'm sorry to say that I can no longer accept custom orders at this time. 


Will you make one of my own crystals into a necklace for me?

This has become extremely difficult for me recently due to increase of demand and unfortunately a service I can no longer offer.


What material is your chain made of?

All silver and gold chains are made of stainless steel. This means the silver chain will never tarnish, however the gold chain will slowly fade to a silver tone over time.

The bronze chain is made of nickel-free iron that will gradually tarnish with wear.


Where do you source your crystals?

All my materials are bought directly from small and local businesses, and every crystal is sourced directly from families all over the world. 


Are your metal products hypoallergenic?

All silver and gold chains, and earring hooks are made of stainless steel and are considered hypoallergenic.

All wire, bronze chain, and earring hooks are made of nickel-free iron but may not be suitable for those with metal allergies. Please stick to ordering silver and gold jewelry if this is a concern for you, and be advised that the minimal amount of wire on the pendant may irritate sensitive skin.


Where is my parcel?

If you received a tracking number for your package, you can look up it's location on the Canada Post or USPS website. (Canada and US only)

If you bought a small item and chose STANDARD shipping, there is no way to know where your package is. This only obtains to smaller packages that have the STANDARD postage option - not to larger boxed parcels that only have EXPEDITED or XPRESS shipping options - which always come with a tracking number.

It is recommended that if you wish to track your small item purchase to purchase the EXPEDITED or XPRESS shipping option at checkout.


NeurOptimal FAQ

Are there any negative side effects?

No negative side effects have ever been reported from using the NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback system. This is because it's completely non-invasive and is only showing the brain a reflection of itself. Any changes made are done by the brain and not the system.


Is Neurofeedback safe?

NeurOptimal™ Neurofeedback is so safe that anyone of any age can benefit from using it. Even your pets can do sessions!


Is NeurOptimal™ FDA Approved?

Yes, it is approved as a general wellness product - not as a medical device.


When will I notice lasting results?

Since everyone has a different experience with brain training, it's hard to estimate. Most people only start to really notice changes after at least 6-8 sessions. We recommend a minimum of 10 sessions before expecting noticeable improvements.


Why did you choose to start working with Neurofeedback? 

I initially did my own sessions at a local wellness centre since I was dealing with constant stress, depression and moodiness. My sleep was also struggling and I knew I needed to try something to improve my circumstances. After doing 10 sessions and noticing a transformation within myself, I decided to invest in my own system to share the healing benefits with others.


What to expect to happen from doing NeurOptimal™ Sessions?

This is all situational to the individual since every brain is the different, so it's hard to give a definite answer, however typically I notice after each session clients seem much more relaxed and at ease. You can also expect to be uplifted and have a new sense of relief at the end of a session.

After at least 10 sessions, you may start to notice more improvements. For myself, I noticed I started having an easier time reading and writing. I also found I was sleeping better and removing negative habits from my day to day. I was also able to stay happy throughout the day and was no longer overwhelmed by little inconveniences.


Is it safe to do on medications? Will it counteract or make them ineffective?

NeurOptimal™ is completely non-invasive and will not counteract with any medications. NeurOptimal™ is safe in all situations.


What makes you qualified to work with Neurofeedback?

Since NeurOptimal works differently than other Neurofeedback systems, I do not require a license to use it. I am simply the navigator that sets you up so the system can work on its own. Anyone can be qualified to work with NeurOptimal™ because it is the trainer - not me - and by working with this form of Neurofeedback, I do not diagnose or treat any conditions. This is simply a training system that teaches your brain to work optimally on its own.


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