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Rubble Jewelry

Dyed Howlite

Dyed Howlite

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Known for its gentle, calming vibration, Howlite is ideal for those who suffer with insomnia or uncontrollable anger. By absorbing stress, tension, and anxiety, one is able to see things from a clearer perspective allowing them to feel at ease. 

As a spiritual crystal, it will remind one to connect with the moon so they can benefit from its receptive energy while helping one enhance their telepathic and intuitive abilities. 

Also helpful as a sleep aid, Howlite is an ideal crystal for the bedroom. Meditating with it before bed and keeping it next to you or under your pillow at night will relax an overactive mind.


Element - Air

Chakra - Crown

Astrology - Leo

Numerology - 4/22


Receive on intuitively chosen, high quality Dyed Howlite tumbled stone

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