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Rubble Jewelry



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The story of the Holy Grail is often depicted as a chalice, however there are alternate tales where the chalice is a stone - an Emerald that fell from the sky.

Only found in Czech Republic, Moldavite is an extraterrestrial mineral that formed at the site of a meteorite crash approximately 15 million years ago. Specifically green in color, like Emerald, Moldavite differs from other black, opaque Tektites, making it a powerful Heart Chakra crystal.

Some people may experience physical effects when introduced to the frequency of Moldavite, which is why it can be advised to wear only for short periods of time until one adjusts to it's high vibration. 

As a sacred vessel, Moldavite will shift one's personal energy and help heal the heart so one can see the overflowing blessings life has to offer. By setting intention and freeing the imagination, one allows the future to unfold as it will, letting them recieve the gift of life without worry. 


Approximately 1-2g rare genuine Moldavite in gold on 50cm stainless steel chain.

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