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Lapis Love

Lapis Love

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A stone of royalty and spirituality, Lapis Lazuli has been predominantly used amongst Kings and Queens for centuries. The ancient Egyptians used Lapis in jewelry, decor and even grounded it into powder for the use as medicine and cosmetic eye shadow. 

Today Lapis Lazuli still carries a vibration that brings out the inner King or Queen that lies within us. Awakening ones royal virtues can be done while carrying Lapis, aiding those who wish to evoke it by guiding them through a deep inner journey. Uncovering truths, its path to self-knowing will resurrect one's inner Divine nature.

Activation of psychic centres at the third eye can also be achieved by wearing or meditating with Lapis, while enhancing intuition and access to spiritual guidance. It is also known to strengthen intellectual ability, helping one become a better learner or teacher. 

4x4cm Lapis Lazuli in gold on 44cm stainless steel chain.

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