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Rubble Jewelry

Leopard Love

Leopard Love

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Used to attract luck and prosperity, Leopardskin Jasper will match the wearer’s energy so they can instil the law of attraction. Promoting a calm reassurance, this crystal will create a cleansing effect so one can remove negativity and keep only constructive energies that stabilize the aura.

As an emotional and mental supporter, Leopardskin Jasper will solidify one’s success in their chosen field by clearing a path for achieving results with the least amount of resistance.

This mineral is also great for helping one overcome self-defeating attitudes and for assisting in the manifestation of a loving relationship by increasing one’s charming magnetism.

Element - Air & Earth

Chakra - Root

Sign - Gemini & Scorpio

Numerology - 7


5x5cm Leopard Jasper on 50cm adjustable leather suede.

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