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Rubble Jewelry

Rosey Ruby

Rosey Ruby

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Ruby is a powerful tool for simulating life force and vitality. By energizing and activating ones physical and emotional body, Ruby brings passion to the wearer, allowing the wholehearted pursuit in ones goals and aspirations. It can also transmute hopelessness to optimism, inspiring enthusiasm for life and assisting one to move forward when feeling stuck in a rut. 

While wearing Ruby, expect a new sense of adventure. Its energy can attract opportunities, unexpected shifts of scenery and increased synchronicities.

If you are the kind of person who tends to lean toward timidity or security, consider carrying a piece of Ruby. Its courageous vibrations will push you to make leaps without doubt and anxiety. 

If I was to take one main message from Ruby it would be, "it's better to die than not live" and with this reminder, we can radiate a vibrancy of strength and passion in everyday life.

2.5x1.5x1cm raw Ruby in gold on 44cm stainless steel chain.

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